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Everything you need to know about fitness is right here. No fad diets. No false claims. Just realistic results backed up by years of proven research and experience.

Client Spotlight: Kyle Romero

Kyle’s Story:

Kyle transformed so much in just 2 months of working together. When she first came to me, she was starving herself, doing too much cardio, and was completely lost with how to reach her goal. She did not understand the importance of having the proper nutrition paired with healthy exercise. She struggled with losing fat while maintaining muscle and would experience plateauing every so often.

We gave Kyle a few guidelines to get her started and on track. Doing so enabled her to adjust into the plan provided and gave her the freedom to continue on with her daily life.

Kyle initially focused on losing fat. Today, with the amount of fat she has lost, she is focusing on becoming better and stronger than her previous self.

In this journey, it’s all about YOU.

All coaching services are made according to the client. Your body is different than your friend’s, and it would be outrageous to provide both of you the same routines. Everything is created with you, your current schedule, your goals, current body composition, food allergies, and feasibility.

Client Spotlight: Fritz Masiglat

Fritz’s Story:

Fritz has undergone a huge transformation with the 6 months we were working together. When he first expressed his desire to work together, his goal was to simply gain weight.

Fritz had tried lifting weights but barely gained results. Because of his busy work schedule, I recommended to him a meal program that helped him gain muscle while reducing his body fat. Along this, Fritz gained valuable knowledge that helped him understand the entire process of weight gain better.

10 months after, Fritz has weighed his heaviest and has gained the most muscle in his life so far. Along with a much better looking physique, he now lifts weights that he only used to dream while having a better self-esteem.

Nutrition Recommendations are Based From Schedule, Preference, and Availability

I provide plans for my clients to ensure maximum results. I ensure sustainable nutrition to keep you on track with your goals and lifestyle. Ultimately, you will be the master of your own food intake as I will be teaching you what to look out for, how much of the food to eat, and why you eat it.

Client Spotlight: Corn Golez

Corn’s Story:

Corn has gotten amazing results in just 3 months. She approached us initially wanting to lose weight but didn’t know how. Being an art student, Corn lived a very sedentary lifestyle and was often stressed due to school requirements. She decided to change for the better.

Because she had no time to exercise, we focused highly on her nutrition. She was surprised at how quickly results came by simply changing what she ate and the quantity. The biggest challenge she faced was the process of having to avoid stress eating, but she managed to pull through. Fast forward to three months later, Corn has gone down more than two sizes.

Training Programs Are Created With the Goal of Progression In Mind

Partnered with proper nutrition, research-based workout and training suggestions will allow consistent and long-term growth, translating to gaining muscle and burning more body fat over time. Clients learn what workouts best help with their goals and understand the reasons why.

Client Spotlight: Nigel Chua

Nigel’s Story:

Nigel approached me with the initial goal of wanting to lose fat. He was lost and unsure on what food to eat and what exercises to perform.

His intention is to boost his self-confidence. After meeting for the first time to get more information about his body statistics, the goal was set not only to burn fat, but also to build muscle.

Nigel had the self-determination to push himself and chase his dreams. To him, the best part of the journey was the compliments he was getting in the gym regarding his progress. Gym trainers in the gym shared to him that his progress seemed like it was on steroids! His laser-beamed focus kept him set on his goal and he never looked back.

Communication Means Are Convenient and Accessible

Communications are done via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, or whichever is convenient for the client. Every week, you will be given various opportunities to stay on track and keep accountable with your progress. As part of the service, I am available for any form of questions in nutrition or exercise to ensure that you keep going with your goal.

Client Spotlight: Rodney Manuel

Rodney’s Story:

Rodney is a basketball player who always struggled to gain muscle. He was already athletic and was swift in the court, but wanted to improve his overall physique and performance.

We focused highly on Rodney’s nutrition. In just ten days, Rodney was able to gain muscle size and strength, while looking a lot leaner. He claimed to have had better performance in the court, and had a boost in self-confidence with his better physique.

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